About The Product Owner

SYARIKAT MOHD ZAIFUDDIN ARIF BIN ZAINAL ABIDIN (SA0116091-P) specializes in supplying and marketing of technology-driven learning products that deliver measurable results in Malaysia. We continuously innovate by delivering the latest smart educational tools for individuals as well as institutional bodies.

Authorized Distributor

RESTU MUAFAKAT ENTERPRISE (PG0185484-K) is the Authorized Distributor for EzyReadQ product namely the Qur'an Readpen. Restu Muafakat has been established since 2007 having few branches in the state of Penang & Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia. We specializes in sales & marketing of Islamic Products & Services throughout Malaysia i.e Takaful Insurance, Telecommunications, Contract Works etc.

Main Office;





Opportunity to be an Agent for Qur'an Readpen

We welcome & invite interested individuals and non-individuals to join as agent of the product. We offer an attractive deal for agents. Please contact us for any enquiry.
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